A Dallas IT company is important for securing your network

Is an IT company important for securing your company network?

In today’s business world there cannot be a single company that doesn’t have an IT system. IT systems and not only essential to the average business but they are also extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks and abuse.

Your IT system is home to your business data and sensitive information. Should your company information somehow get currupted it will cost your organization dear, in lost time and customer dissatisfaction. The mischief of a single hacker can shut down your operations for days.

An IT company can secure your network against common threats to ensure your company never has to have down time due to network failure. Visits to websites and the receipt of emails can all introduce spyware, malware and viruses into your computer systems.

There are 30,000 new malicious websites listed everyday so becoming infected is a real concern not to be dismissed lightly. In addition to this threat hackers can steal sensitive information about your company, employees and customers.

Protected from Threats

An IT company prototypeit.net that can help your organization develop a security game plan. Securing your network isn’t just for defense. It also safeguards your network from hackers and other disasters. An IT company can also ensure you’re in compliance with industry and government regulations preventing legal problems. This is very useful for organizations in healthcare, financial services and other industries where security levels need to be very high.

An IT company can improve productivity by ensuring up time. You company will also be able to recover quickly from network security breaches, if and when they happen. You’ll be able to add new branches, locations and offices quickly, without redesigning your security system from scratch.


You will need to ensure you have best firewall for your network system, to act as the protective shield between the outside world and your wireless network.

Emailing and Internet Browsing

It is important to monitor your inbound and outbound e-mails and websites visited to ensure no spyware, viruses, malware, or malicious threats can infect your network.

These are just a few things an IT company can for your organizations networks to ensure your business runs smoothly without any downtime due to network failures. The investment will save you company money and time in the long run and will allow you to retain customer confidence and satisfaction at all times.

Fleet Tracking helps your business save gas money

Fuel is one of the main costs for businesses that rely on a fleet of vehicles to deliver their products. Fuel prices have increased considerably in the past few years, and so such businesses should find a way to reduce fuel costs in some way or another. You will be able to reduce a significant amount of fuel costs by monitoring the vehicle speed, idle time, routes, and vehicle maintenance. All these factors can be tracked on a fleet tracking software.

Vehicle Speed

Driving at a fast speed can cause the vehicle’s fuel to be consumed faster. Using a fleet tracking system enables you to efficiently monitor the vehicles’ speed. The GPS software will notify you when a vehicle in your fleet exceeds the speed limit you set.

Idle Time

Every hour of idle time is equal to about 25 miles of fuel costs. When the engine is idle for a long period of time, it will use more fuel. The GPS fleet tracking system will send a detailed report on the idling time of the engine so that you can stop wasting fuel. To learn how to better manage fuel visit this website.

Correcting Inefficient Routes

A GPS tracking software can inform you of the exact locations of each of your vehicles. The GPS system allows you to monitor whether the drivers have taken the most direct routes. If any driver is lost on the highway, you can guide him back onto the correct route. It also allows you to divert drivers to alternative routes in case there are any traffic jams.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Your fleet vehicles need to undergo regular servicing and maintenance so that they will operate efficiently. Vehicles that do not undergo maintenance regularly will have problems such as fuel leakage and malfunctioning of the engine. The GPS system can alert you of the maintenance time of a vehicle according to different criteria such as mileage and date.

Fuel Card Integration

Besides, you can integrate a fuel card into your GPS tracking system to monitor the total fuel the vehicle has consumed. The report generated by a fuel card company is often complicated and difficult to understand. On the other hand, the report generated by a GPS tracking system is much easier to understand. The GPS tracking system will generate an accurate report on the fuel consumption of each vehicle and for the entire vehicle fleet.